Welcome to Production Paradise

Cobalt’s Private, Production-Ready House is Available for Filming

The Hoboken House
The Hoboken House, or “Hobo House”, as we like to call it, is a 2000 square foot Carriage House equipped with three bedrooms and three full bathrooms, private garden, and modern, Euro-style chef’s kitchen. This ultra-flexible space lends itself to all kinds of production opportunities.

Bright, Spacious & Versatile
Created by producers, Hobo House strikes the ideal balance of fully-furnished comfort and uncluttered flexibility. Its elegant floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light. The house’s open floor plan and soaring ceilings enable creative camera placement. As opposed to cramped spaces that dictate the use of wide lenses, Hobo House’s open architecture, with its spacious kitchen, dining room, and living room, flows beautifully without interrupting walls. This allows your DP to step back, and get wide, uncompromised shots with a longer lens. Isn’t it nice to have creative choices in a home location?

A Private Urban Oasis
Hobo House, located in a private courtyard, insulates you from outside interruptions like the sights and sounds of street traffic. The secure breezeway enables worry-free shipping and receiving of expensive equipment. Clients often set up the private patio for crafty/catering or for talent holding.

Location Location Location
Fifteen minutes from Midtown Manhattan and a mere three blocks from our soundstage, Hoboken House could not be easier to get to. (“Commuting” between our two locations takes 1 minute 30 seconds by Lime Scooter.) But there’s another advantage to parking your production here at “Hollywood on the Hudson”… When you “set up your entity” here in New Jersey, you can shoot on location or in our studio and take advantage of the New Jersey Film and TV Tax Credit.