Tabletop is in our DNA.

Macro image-making at Cobalt.

Let’s talk tabletop.

Stella Artois

Our stage was born in 1995 as a tabletop / VFX studio, and if there were a sign above our door it would read “Science in the Service of Art.”

Throughout the years, we’ve invested in the right tools for tabletop work, which has often meant inventing, engineering andconstructing those tools ourselves, in-house. That’s how tabletop works.

Mini tools for max impact.


Tabletop is an extremely unique genre, because off-the-shelf equipment typically doesn’t scale to the subject. In fact, equipment tends to completely dwarf the subject. That’s where our specially-modified lighting and our extensive inventory of miniature grip and rigging gears come into play. To maximize the visual opportunity, you need to miniaturize your tools. We’ve done this here at Cobalt with our one-of-a-kind bellows-focusing Epic Dragon, made expressly for macro work.

Get cooking at Cobalt.

Cobalt’s dedicated Home Ec Kitchen is always fully-equipped and ready to roll. Our custom-built bake-up allows you to see and experience the magic of baking—in real time or in time lapse—via our motion-controlled camera. Add in our high-volume gas mains and a purpose-built exhaust system for fire effects, and you’ve got the ideal setup for whatever creative ideas you’re cooking up.