Not too big, not too small.

Why our soundstage is “just right.”

The Goldilocks Effect

Cobalt Virtual Set

All too often, soundstage sizes go to extremes—either you’re crammed in, or you need walkies just to find your PAs. We believe Goldilocks had it right when she rejected anything but a comfortable “just right” fit. When it comes to soundstages, an awkward fit impacts the entire production in thousands of tiny, aggravating ways—not the vibes you want when you’re producing great work under pressure…

Designed by Producers, for Producers.

Cobalt Motion Control

Relying on wisdom acquired over many decades in the Industry, we created the ergonomically-ideal soundstage. Cobalt’s stage measures a useful 7,000 square feet. We’re neither a cavernous warehouse with not so much as a folding chair, nor a shoebox that was a utility storage room up until yesterday. We’re a well-appointed, turnkey soundstage that’s ready for anything.

Soundstage Reimagined.

To make your experience as comfortable and convenient as possible, we provide even more than a “just right” fit. We include dozens of free amenities, plus access to our expertly curated inventory of production tools. Unlike your average equipment rentals, our production tools are kept and maintained onsite, so we can keep them in excellent condition. If you haven’t already, schedule a tour today and explore how our soundstage can reduce your stress and elevate your work.