Is the L train even running? Do we even care?

There are so many ways to get to Cobalt soundstages.

Brooklyn, Schmooklyn.

15 minutes from Midtown

We love Brooklyn, but we love convenience more! Shooting at Cobalt means never having to worry if the L train is running, because there are SO many ways to get here, and they’re all good. We’re conveniently located in Hoboken, NJ, and if you haven’t been here yet, you’re missing out!

Ferries are more fun.

Cobalt Virtual Set

The scenery, the salty breeze, the gorgeous skyline view—the ferry is an inexpensive and Instagram-worthy way to travel. The NY Waterway ferry travels between Hoboken 14th St. and Midtown/W. 39th St. in Midtown Manhattan, with a free connecting shuttle bus service that’s available to and from the Midtown terminal. Try it!

Take the PATH of least resistance.

Cobalt Motion Control

The PATH train goes up to 33rd St. in Manhattan and takes you all the way here to Hoboken. PATH trains are safe, reliable, and cleaner than most mass transit. And the best part of taking the PATH to Cobalt from the city is that it’s a reverse commute—you’ll never be packed in like sardines.

Come by car. We do it all the time!

During rush hour, our Hoboken soundstage is a quick reverse commute from the city. Whether you’re parking in the garage nearby (yes, we offer discounts 😉 OR taking advantage of our street-level, drive-in-ready studio… Getting here is fast and easy. Schedule a studio tour today, head west, and see why we love it here in New York’s “West, West Village.”