Be a MoCo Master.

Take full advantage of our motion control tools and support.

Creativity without limits.

Motion control, or MoCo, gives us the flexibility to move the camera in three-dimensional space with precision and repeatability. It makes it possible to execute extremely dynamic camera moves that would be impossible to operate conventionally. For example, imagine a shot that starts high and wide, and then roars into a tabletop product shot. MoCo also allows you to composite elements in post-production that could not physically coexist in the same shot. Meaning, you could shoot a cat and a mouse side by side as separate elements, and then composite them together afterward. The precision of the camera’s movement makes the compositing undetectable, creating new opportunities for unbound creativity.

State-of-the-art motion control tools.

Our clients have convenient access to our comprehensive inventory of motion-controlled equipment—the largest and most diverse on the East Coast. Our Gazelle Motion Control Camera System interfaces with any and all digital cameras. It’s easily configurable in overslung (above the crane arm) or underslung (below the crane arm) modes, with various pan, tilt and roll head options. Cobalt’s motion control inventory includes turntables, sliders, high-speed sleds, and XY tables all curated to facilitate rapid design, engineering and construction.

Ariana Grande goes MoCo.

Last week, we had the honor of creating motion control VFX for an Ariana Grande video. In it, she’s singing in a train station, amidst a maelstrom of activity. Our MoCo system allowed the director to illustrate the passing of time via blur motion figures which moved all around the singer while she performed in Real Time. This is an effect similar to one we executed for Eminem’s video “Walk On Water” with Beyonce. The possibilities are endless. And THAT’s the magic of MoCo.

A highly consultative culture.

At Cobalt, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of client support to help you get the maximum benefit from our production equipment. We have a uniquely comprehensive library of motion control tools, but our goal is always to connect you with the most economical, useful and user-friendly solution. If it’s not in our inventory, we can leverage our relationships to connect you with the right tools for the job.