Level Up Your Production in 2020

Here Are 20 Ways We Can Help

1. We’re Innovative

Our credo is Soundstage Reimagined. So in a world of warehouse-type spaces, we strive to offer more— comprehensive tools, thoughtful amenities, and a supportive team. Our clients feel the difference, right away.

2. We’re Turnkey

Why spend your precious time sourcing lights, rigging tools, and folding chairs? At Cobalt you don’t need to. Cobalt saves you time and money by offering your production essentials onsite.

3. We’re Virtual Set Virtuosos

We set up the East Coast’s first Virtual Backlot to help you save money, reduce waste, minimize the cost of crew hours, and place your story in any location you can imagine. A huge win for productions and the planet!

4. We’re Woman Owned

Cobalt is a woman-owned soundstage. We strongly believe in working toward gender equality in the Industry. Please join us in supporting even more women-owned businesses and women-led projects in 2020!

5. We have Hobo House

Cobalt’s newest property, The Hoboken House, is the perfect place to park your production. Our private, chic, sun-drenched 2000 square foot Carriage House has three bedrooms and three full baths. And… it’s three blocks from our soundstage ?

6. We’re a Green Facility

We’re committed to considering the impact of our actions on people and the environment. We also do our part by donating leftover food, investing in sustainable Virtual Sets, and making our own non-toxic, chemical free cleaning products and Kara Care skincare swag (more to come soon).

7. We’re Magic Makers

Arthur Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”… We have the tech to make the magic, and Cobalt’s tech wizard, Alex, can help you make the most of it.

8. We Care About Peace ~ Quiet and Comfort

Because of our Industry background, we understand how a thoughtfully curated soundstage can put clients at ease – and even relax – to elevate the quality of your work. Our well-appointed client spaces make it comfortable to hold a meeting or simply ‘peace out’ for a sec.

9. We’re By Producers, For Producers

We leverage our Industry experience to make everything you need easily accessible, so you can focus on what matters– doing your best work. We’re committed to creating the most comfortable, convenient, and cutting edge experience.

10. We’re Production Advisors

Helping producers problem-solve their projects is one of our specialties. We believe in taking the time to Listen, and we’re quick to offer innovative and practical solutions to save your production time, money, and stress.

11. We’re MoCo Masters

Our clients have convenient access to our comprehensive inventory of Motion Control equipment—the largest and most diverse on the East Coast. Our Gazelle Motion Control camera crane also goes on the road–
anywhere your production does.

12. We’ve Got the Matrix Man

Cobalt’s very own Alex Fernbach designed and invented the 1st array camera used in the legendary “Bullet Time” scene in “The Matrix.” These days, he brings his unparalleled knowledge and creativity to Cobalt to support YOUR productions.

13. We’re Conveniently Located

Here at “Hollywood on the Hudson,” we’re just 15 minutes from Midtown with convenient parking and public transportation. Whether you come by car, NY Waterway Ferry, or PATH train, getting here is faster and easier than getting to Brooklyn.

14. We’ve Got New Jersey’s Tax Breaks

We’ve got New York beat. New Jersey’s Film & TV Tax Credit includes up to 35% percent of ABOVE AND BELOW the line on qualified expenses for productions in NJ. New York’s tax credit pertains to ONLY below the line expenses. No need to read between the lines here.

15. We’re Wired

Superior connectivity makes it effortless to multitask and monitor your production. At Cobalt, a live HD feed broadcasts from our soundstage to the client room, conference rooms, commercial food prep kitchen, wardrobe, and makeup areas.

16. We’re Streaming Live

Our Live Streaming capability allows decision-makers to keep a tab open on their computer even remotely with continuous HD quality footage delivered in real-time. Clients can tune in and weigh in, instantly, so the whole production isn’t waiting around to get the thumbs-up 😉

17. We Don’t Nickel and Dime You

At some soundstages, your itemized bill can look like you went on a Whole Foods bender. At Cobalt, there’s no need to rent or carry in basic amenities—and we won’t bill you for them either.

18. We’re the Swiss Army Knife of Studios

Cobalt’s inventory of in-house production tools is curated and updated by seasoned professionals. We offer lighting, rigging, high-end lenses, precision robotics, Virtual Set, and more!

19. We Do Tabletop

We’re passionate about tabletop at Cobalt. It’s in our DNA. Our home ec kitchen is fully-equipped and easy-to-reconfigure for all types of food-centric projects. This, combined with a wide variety of miniature rigs, specialized optics, and in-house motion control, makes producing tabletop easy and efficient.

20. We’re on Your Team

At Cobalt, we’re as passionate about production excellence as you are! We invite you to make us your secret weapon by leveraging our experience and resources—just like an extension of your team.