Meeting George.

We go back with Do Diligence founder, George Billard. Way back.

Kara met George when he cast her in a film called “The Eulogy”. This was just the start of what would be a long and fruitful relationship. Not long after filming “The Eulogy”, they were working together again on “They Shall Not Perish: The Story of Near East Relief”, which premiered at the New York Times. This impactful film was a star-studded affair featuring: Victor Garber, Amanda Martin, Tony Shalhoub, Ron Rifkin, and our very own Kara Vedder taking on the role of Nellie Miller Mann.


George recently came to us with a new challenge. He needed to film a group of people (business men, families, construction workers) walking a tightrope across a gorge over a raging river. Yowzer! Try to do that practically LOL Shooting something like this would involve wildly expensive safety measures, stunt talent, and astronomical crew costs. However, we came up with a strategy, and consulted with George over the course of four phone calls.


We pitched him on shooting the spot in our soundstage with our massive 70-foot green screen. George needed to go BIG, so to make his vision a reality, we expanded our already massive green screen with a 20 foot return. That’s right, we ended up shooting on a 30 foot deep, 90-foot green screen.

Team Cobalt provided George with gaffers and other technical crewing on the shoot day. He brought in a telescopic 40-foot crane to get the scope and angles he needed to bring his vision to life. No big deal! Cobalt Woodstock is “drive on”, and can accommodate cranes easily.

Check out the behind the scenes footage!


When you work with Cobalt, you get more than a fantastic soundstage, decades of Industry experience, Virtual Production know-how, and stellar support: you get partners who stand by you for the long run. We cherish relationships like the one we have with George, and we go out of our way to make all of our clients’ visions realities. Whether strategizing intricate green screen shots, or finding the right plates and cups for a set, there’s no detail too small or too big for our team to tackle with you.

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