Virtual Production is Normal.

Productions like The Mandalorian are changing the game for how episodics are being created.

The Mandalorian’s interplanetary odyssey is shot on a soundstage using Virtual Set technology.

We can all see that digital transformation isn’t slowing down. To ensure that our Industry keeps pace, everyone needs to make friends with modern digital tools like Virtual Sets.

Digital Transformations for productions.

Think of the transition from film to video—we couldn’t imagine handy cams taking over, but here we are. We’re great believers in the tried-and-true, but there does come a time when NOT innovating becomes the bigger risk than sticking with what you know.

Science in the service of Art.

With location travel becoming more and more pricey, productions are seeing the silver lining: with our incredible virtual technology, your production can take place anywhere in the universe—past, present, or future. Virtual Sets practically eliminate set costs; they’re environmentally-friendly; and they’re been around since 1994. So, for early adopters like us, they’re already tried and true. Virtual Sets are already “normal” for audiences… From “Black Panther” to “The Mandalorian”, anywhere you’re seeing imaginative, incredible backgrounds, you’re seeing Virtual Sets in action. The fact that you haven’t “seen” them PROVES how seamless and photorealistic they are. Virtual Set is everywhere, and you don’t even realize it!

Experience practical, creative solutions.

If you haven’t yet, now is the time to scehdule a Demo of our Virtual Backlot, the 1st available to the public on the East Coast. While most experts in the field hold their technical expertise close to the vest, we share it openly. Let us show you what’s possible, and answer all your questions. Invest an hour of your time, get up to speed, and walk away with a whole new production toolkit in your repertoire.

Let’s talk.

Want to learn about virtual production and how to use it?

Cobalt’s got you covered. As the first company to offer Virtual Sets on the East Coast, we have the experience to guide you. Let’s have some fun.


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