A: The doors to our soundstage! ❤️

You’ve probably got questions like “Why do you need two 700-pound doors?” and “What makes a soundstage a soundstage?”

And WHY make a soundstage?

Let’s get into it…

Noise! It’s everywhere. Even in what might seem like a quiet room (or your run-of-the-mill stage) there’s noise that the best mics will pick up! Could be the dull hum of a plane flying overhead, a big rig laying on the horn, or just some rowdy birds near a window. These sounds might seem imperceptible to you in the room, but trust us, the mics are gonna pick them up.

So what do you do? And what did WE do?

Simple: acoustic remediation.

Ok, you got me, it’s not so simple at all… It’s a relatively long and involved technical process that involves years of Industry experience to execute properly (not to mention a whole lotta elbow grease and some really cool materials to acoustically isolate a space)…

You might be wondering what any of this has to do with our 700-pound doors. Well, one of the first things we really wanted to do, was to “Cobaltize” our new space… Right away, we got busy adding a sound vestibule with MASSIVE doors. And boy did we ever do that.

We built fully soundproof, custom doors – 14 feet high. Both doors are literally 7-feet wide, and swing open on hinges. You can seriously drive a city bus through them. YES, we are a drive-on soundstage 🙂 We want you, our clients, to load in and load out with ease… and to have the sans sound you deserve!

Our magical doors actually overlap when they close, and feature an astragal (a piece of hardware used to seal the gap between two doors) to eliminate noise intrusion. The bottoms of these doors are also covered in custom sweeps to cut noise. And lastly, since we know not everyone will end up driving a bus into the soundstage, we also added a human size door for cast and crew.

What else did we do to soundstage-up our new space?

You know we don’t do anything halfway here! We took all of our experience working with audiologists to make sure every inch of our soundstage was as soundproofed as humanly possible.

We’re so serious about sound, we even constructed walls to eliminate any errant sounds from the outside world (seriously, next time you’re here, drop a pin – I dare ya.) We framed the entire vestibule with 2″ x 6″s, stuffed the interstitial spaces with acoustic insulation, and lined both sides with Mass Loaded Vinyl.

Mass loaded vinyl (MLV) is the pinnacle of sound barrier tech. MLV barriers block out noises from traffic and street construction, trains, buses and even aircraft. It’s even environmentally friendly. We could have stopped there. But we didn’t. Once the walls were lined with MLV, on both sides, we piled on sheetrock and plywood.

We can’t wait for you to shoot your project at our new space (and for you to hear how wonderful it sounds in there!) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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