We built Cobalt Woodstock to offer a space that’s big enough for productions of any size. Now that we have multiple stages totaling a whopping 22,000 sq feet, we welcome not only our lovely commercial clients, but also TV episodics and features, boasting an entire building of production opportunity. We heard the rumblings of the newest Upstate New York Tax incentives, and didn’t want to be left out of the 40% rebate that surpasses all of NYC (yes, even Brooklyn) and even our New Jersey stage.

Stage 1

At 12,000 square feet, Stage 1 is our largest space, and even larger than our Hoboken space. Ready to accommodate any project, we’re fully mapped for Virtual Production!! Of course, if you’re looking to shoot full practical, we can easily do that, as well. With ceilings that soar 36 feet at their highest point, we can handle pretty much anything. This massive space (with ridiculous ceilings), is accessed through our gigantic Trojan-horse-sized sound vestibule doors – and YES, Cobalt Woodstock is also a drive on stage!!

Stage 2

Stage 2 is an additional 7,000 square feet, which offers expansion space for a wide range of projects. Often in use, don’t hesitate to holler if you want to take advantage of the extra expanse! This stage is an add-on to our Main Stage – Stage 1.

Stage 3

Stage 3 is our tidy insert stage that’s 3,000 sq feet. Close to the Main Stage, yet completely private. Whether used as a control room, a catering hall, a still shoot, a VO recording, or for motion control (where you need a bit of isolation), it’s the ideal oasis that extends Cobalt’s upscale practicality—upstairs and conveniently located adjacent to our Vanity Dept.

And there’s no reason why you couldn’t take all 3 stages! Just take over the entire building for a couple months if that’s what you need.

Last week, we wrapped on a previous “Cannes award-winning” episodic that Cobalt produced and directed. Stay tuned for our Case Study on this Virtual Production that is soon to follow as it was a great success – 5 international cities, 20 actors, ALL VIRTUAL PRODUCTION.

Our In-The-Pipeline projects include:
A sci-fi episodic, a fantasy feature film, a Rom Com feature, 2 documentaries, and a food commercial. You don’t want to miss out – give us a ring to schedule a look – can’t wait to see you up here!

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