We are production advisors.

Helping producers problem-solve their projects is one of our specialties.

We know that Virtual Production and Motion Control can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be 😉 Today’s technology is easier than ever to master. So, let me show you how you can get the shot, and be fast, cost-effective and maybe even have ‘good times’.

Count on Cobalt’s Virtual Production experts.

The demand for Virtual Sets has increased exponentially in the past year. VSet is a must-have resource for today’s producers and directors, so we make ourselves available to share our expertise. We’re the first soundstage to offer Virtual Sets to the public on the East Coast, so our team has in-depth experience to guide you. Whether you want to sell your clients on a Virtual Production methodology, or whether they requested it themselves, we can help.

Your secret-weapon production partner.

Producers and production managers/coordinators love working at Cobalt because we understand their challenges far better than your average soundstage. As a company founded by producers, for producers, we’re uniquely equipped to offer an additional layer of support you won’t find anywhere else. When you book our locations and services for your productions, we take the time to listen, and we’re quick to offer solutions that save productions time, money, and stress.

Motion control, under control.

There’s no cinematic discipline that requires a more consultative approach than Motion Control. And fortunately for the Tri-State production community, Cobalt’s own Alex Fernbach has been a pioneer in the field! As the inventor of the array camera that he created for the “Bullet Time” scene in “The Matrix”, Alex now brings his encyclopedic knowledge and unparalleled creativity to advise our clients. We recently pulled off a miraculous MoCo job that entailed an undisclosed comedic celebrity TV Special, with 48 hours’ notice to coordinate equipment and talent in three time zones, as well as, a custom rig that had to fit in an extraordinarily tight space. Cobalt’s very own “Stage Manager Steve” even drove the rig overnight to Chicago, so our client wouldn’t miss a beat. We never want to let you down, and that’s just how we roll… sometimes all the way to Chicago 😉

Let us be YOUR secret weapon and see how we make everything easier for the production community. Let’s talk.

Learn about Virtual Productionand how to use it?

Cobalt’s got you covered. As the first company to offer Virtual Sets on the East Coast, we have the experience to guide you. Let’s have some fun 😉


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