Variety, take 2 ?

The ‘Congrats’ and ‘Likes’ keep pouring in concerning our headlining moment in Variety Magazine. The article is about the Jersey film experience and how the state has shifted to accommodate for the creation of state-of-the-art sound stages. As early NJ pioneers, Cobalt was the first true Turnkey Soundstage and the first to offer Virtual Production to the East Coast film community. Thank you Variety for this beautiful recognition 🙂

VR stages vs location shooting.

The article also highlights the move away from location shooting to VR stages and platforms across the entire Industry. Of course, location shooting has been a staple in the business for decades, but more agreeable and cost effective solutions are now at hand. Even landmark location shoots now have an easy alternative.

Sure, you could shoot in Central Park, apply for and then pay for the permits, deal with potential scheduling issues (weather, anyone?). Or you could shoot Central Park in idealized comfort at a VR stage, and no one’s the wiser. Plug in some quick post on the fly, and you’ll find Cobalt makes for an ideal turnkey operation.

Simplicity + adaptability = virtual production anywhere!

Clearly, we’re changing how we do what we do. From commercials to episodics to features, the ease and adaptability of these fast forward applications is causing a pivot in our direction. More and more, producers are realizing just how budget and schedule friendly it can all be.

So, it seems what was once Plan B, now is a firm Plan A. With everything shifting the way it is, we find ourselves standing nicely on both familiar and evolving ground. Team Cobalt is now more mobile, more able, and more reachable than ever before.

Our exciting new news is that we can now set up our Virtual Backlot in YOUR backlot 🙂 Just tell us when and where to drop the appropriate-sized green screen and we are virtual on the spot. You want an LED wall? We can handle that too. Want a set extension? No problem.

And, of course, we check all the boxes: it’s quick to set up; hosts Unreal assets; has rock solid camera tracking; you can beam in or zoom. Yes, and speaking of checking all the boxes… Virtual Production is even Green, and Cobalt is a Woman Owned Business. You can even choose to go ‘final pixel’, or noodle with the elements in post. Virtual Production has NEVER been so simple, so flexible and accessible. It’s cost conscious VR technology at your doorstep, when and where you need it.

Stay tuned to this space! More exciting news to come!
And don’t be shy!! Call us, so we can tell you about it!

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Cobalt’s got you covered. As the first company to offer Virtual Sets on the East Coast, we have the experience to guide you. Let’s have some fun 😉


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