Our A+ Shot for Apple TV’s “Dickinson.”

Team Cobalt is no stranger to a good challenge. When presented with a tricky situation, we pounce at the chance to provide for the solution. One such opportunity recently came about on the set of Apple TV’s series, “Dickinson”.

When it comes to cameras and camera riggings, Team Cobalt has an ace up our collective sleeves. There’s hardly a problem we can’t solve in this regard. Team Cobalt has decades of ‘hands on’ PhD level experience in the field as producers and cinematic artists. So, when we were contacted about EFX needs and a camera rigging issue, we knew exactly how to tackle ?

The DP on the “Dickinson” set called for a lightweight camera rig that was repeatable and easy to transport to a restoration village house (with significant weight and access restrictions). The modified rig had to fit exact specs while, of course, maintaining all camera functionality. Team Cobalt brought home the bacon with a super sharp rig that delivered on every expectation. Happy client, happy life! #CobaltOnThe Road

Team Cobalt = Rapid Response Problem Solvers.

As most in the biz know, the filmmaking world is blowing up with never before imagined state of the art hardware and software applications. From high end precision robotic cameras and rigs, to VR stages and volume sets, the Industry continues to push the storytelling envelope to bold new heights!! And… in case you haven’t noticed… we’re not just dipping our toes in the pool. We are NECK DEEP, and ready for more!

Whether it’s episodics, features or foodies, we can make the shot happen. When you combine our Team’s collective experiences with technique, cinematography, and our passion for Next Gen storytelling… you’ll see that we are as primed as ever to put a solution where your problem once was. Team Cobalt is mobile and ready. We can bring the magic to any client, to any set, and on any schedule.

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