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We’re Santa’s helpers yo
Productions depend on a lot of random and arcane things and being here for 25 years, we have quite the collection! When our clients come to us for a random item like a red necktie or a gallon of black paint, they think we’re Santa Claus when we pull it out of a closet like a rabbit from a hat.

The Cobalt Nice List
Since we’re all about sharing, here’s an actual list of last-minute requests our little elves were able to provide this year, saving our clients countless last-minute scavenger hunts:

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Our Soundstage Gave to Thee:
One red necktie
Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner (for diamond commercial)
Degassing vacuum pump (to take bubbles out of a thick liquid)
A pallet jack
A selection of white ramekins
A low coffee table
Some black paint (always comes in handy)
Cyc booties
A pottery wheel (to use as a quick manual turntable)
Strings of Christmas lights
Some press type
Fake ice cubes
A large green screen
Cardboard boxes and bubble wrap
Some heat gel
A large 3 ring binder
Some kraft paper
SD memory cards
Washer and dryer (gotta keep it clean)
Industrial hanging lamps
Clear Plexiglass
8” water column of gas pressure (for an industrial oven)
A Dremel tool
Clear plastic binder sleeves
Removable tracking markers
A set of diopter filters
A paint roller sleeve
Shipping labels (to the North Pole)
Some green fabric
A 3ft round table top
Several heat guns
A small dry ice fogger (Thriller time yeah)
Push pins
Binder clips
Reams of paper
Repositionable glue sticks
A hole saw
Candelabra light bulbs
And a rii iii iii gggg to ooo steeeam foooood!


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