Cobalt on the Road 2021

Making Magic, Coast to Coast.

Yup, we’re more than just a soundstage! We’ve deployed our expertise in all sorts of environments, Coast to Coast. Read on for a few examples of Creators making magic with Cobalt on the Road.

Chris Rock x Cobalt on the Road
When Chris Rock’s team calls with a production emergency, you don’t let it go to voicemail! We recently pulled off a near-miraculous TV gig in Chicago supporting Chris Rock’s comedy special with just 48 hours’ notice! Challenged with coordinating equipment and talent in three time zones, we devised a custom rig to fit in an extremely tight space. As true team effort, one of Cobalt’s Stage Managers even drove the rig overnight to Chicago, so our client wouldn’t miss a beat. Success!!

Albert Einstein, Live and on Location
PBS’s “Light Falls: Space, Time and an Obsession of Albert Einstein” brought Einstein’s work to life through a groundbreaking multimedia stage performance. The show’s narrator and actors performed live between two scrims, each with its own perfectly-synchronized projection, which we combined to create a dimensional live hologram effect. The whole performance was captured with seven cameras to produce 60 visually-stunning shots. To match the projections precisely with the performers and audio, we used Time Code Triggering to sync devices to great effect!

Back to School in Syracuse – recent Feature Film work
Team Cobalt packed up and headed Upstate just the other day! The project, a girl-powered coming of age story, was being shot on location in a decommissioned school in Syracuse, NY. Our challenging effect showed the scene’s protagonist interacting with classmates in a crowded high school hallway while everyone, except the lead, moving in reverse. Shooting the actor and different groups of extras, in separate passes required complex choreography. In the scene, she bumped into some extras while others passed in front and behind her. The star moving forward and extras moving in reverse gave us a lot to keep track of!

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