Cobalt History from Star Trek to Seinfeld

If these walls could talk

Like New Jersey’s rich film history, Cobalt Stages’ physical space holds so many compelling production stories. Read our highlights below.

Hoboken was once home to many candy and sweets factories, like Hostess and Tootsie Roll. Today, Cobalt occupies a space that was once one of these candy factories!

Filmmaker Zbigniew “ZBig” Rybczynski creates John Lennon’s “Imagine” music video, the first HDTV production in the United States.

Director William Shatner hires Hoboken-based visual effects artist Bran Ferren (Associates & Ferren) to construct and shoot the models for STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER at our place in Hoboken. These models included the iconic Starship Enterprise!

ZBig relocates to Cobalt’s crib in Hoboken, and develops his HD Motion Control technology.

Alex Fernbach’s ARF & Company lands in Hoboken, installing a motion control system underground in his new space. They produced hundreds of commercials, including notable Super Bowl spots for A-List clients like Taco Bell and Anheuser-Busch.

Cobalt’s Alex Fernbach invents the Array Camera. This technology and technique was used to film the “Bullet Time” sequences in THE MATRIX (1999).

Cobalt hires experts to analyze the building’s acoustics and create our Metropolitan Opera-approved Soundstage.

Cobalt invests in the first Virtual Backlot available to the public film community on the East Coast.

Cobalt uses multiple MoCo rigs to shoot Eminem’s “Walk On Water” video.

Cobalt produces the “blur” motion control effect for the Ariana Grande video, “Breathin’.”

Cobalt produces the video content for Harry Connick Jr.—A Celebration of Cole Porter, on Broadway.

As part of The World Science Foundation, Cobalt helps bring Einstein’s work to life through a groundbreaking multimedia stage performance involving actors and projections for PBS’s “Light Falls: Space, Time and an Obsession of Albert Einstein.”

John Oliver shoots his first socially distanced “Last Week Tonight” episodes, all on his own, at Cobalt Stages.

Jerry Seinfeld returns to Cobalt, for the 3rd time, to direct a LEGO-themed Netflix promo with Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston.

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