Case Study: DOGTV’s Cobalt Takeover

Filming with animals is always a challenge! Our client DOGTV—a channel for dogs to watch when they’re home alone—required a quiet set and a calm environment to keep the dogs from getting overstimulated and barking. Additionally, this project required lots of space to spread out. That meant hair, makeup, and talent holding areas for 30 pups with a pair of handlers for each, plus workspace for the team to produce more than 60 different video assets, ANND still photography! Regarding DOGTV’s rebrand shoot, Ron Levi told us, “It’s been a decade since we did the branding. So this project was so important for us. It wasn’t just another shoot. We were really excited about this but we weren’t sure how it was going to work out.”

Ron commented, “When I toured the studio, I immediately understood this is the place for us.” Cobalt’s spacious soundstage allowed DOGTV to maximize their time on set, bringing two dogs on set at a time: one team captured stills while the other worked on the video. To achieve this level of multitasking, the photography studio was set up in Cobalt’s garage while the video team used the soundstage. Two separate sets allowed complete separation between the dogs. Once each side wrapped, the crew would swap the dogs to the opposite set. While this was great for production, it also allowed the canine stars to stay relaxed. “We took over the whole building,” said Ron. “We opened a whole salon with human groomers and dog groomers.”

Cobalt’s spacious facility allowed DOGTV to film 30 dogs over two days, with plenty of space for a robust production team, and all the dogs’ “parents.” Cobalt rose to the challenge of hosting these lovable (yet unpredictable) pets with a uniquely versatile space, and amenities that bred efficient production flows, and a calm environment. “Everything was perfect,” enthused our client, praising Cobalt’s Hoboken location for being convenient. “I can’t wait to do it again and create another big shoot!”

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