With retailers, prop shops, and suppliers closed for business, Cobalt is uniquely-equipped to help the Tri-State production community shoot safely.

The Swiss Army Knife of Studios
With 2 locations and an 8000 sq. ft. warehouse, our by producers / for producers soundstage offers more in-house supplies and equipment than anywhere on the East Coast. Before social distancing, our inventory was a saving grace for productions. Now, it’s THE difference between “let’s go” and a no-go. Our clients can find tabletops, counters, doors, windows, cabinets, and more – onsite. If you need materials to create sets, props, and backgrounds, just ask!

Cobalt Onsite Equipment

Turnkey is Essential for “Safe Shoots”
Cobalt offers rigging, high-end lenses, motion control robotics, and the East Coast’s only publicly-available Virtual Backlot for working with Virtual Sets. Our purpose-built spaces like our fully-appointed Home Ec Kitchen, woodshop, and private furnished carriage house (the Hoboken House), make it possible to get it all done— an “all in one” solution with wayyy less running around. We’re also offering free Livestreaming for bookings through June 21st, so team members can collaborate from home with HD quality footage delivered in real-time.

Hoboken House - Production House

20,000 sq ft to S P R E A D O U T

Main Stage Facility = 12,000 sq ft

The Hoboken House = 2,000 sq ft
Storage = 8,000 sq ft

Our advisory team is here to help you take advantage of our spaces, inventory, and high tech tools— like VSet, Livestreaming, and Video Village to make social distancing easier.

Can we help you get it done?

Drop us a line.

Main Stage Facility = 12,000 sq ft