Cheers to another successful safe shoot with John Oliver.

To the Tri-State production community:
Thank you for keeping us informed and occupied, now and always! We’re proud of the way everyone is helping curb the spread of coronavirus. Knowledge is power, so here are some practical ways we’re making it work for our clients.

Expanded Livestreaming
We’ve offered Livestreaming for years, and our clients have used it mostly to communicate with decision-makers who can’t make the trip to the studio. Now, we’re offering Livestreaming, gratis, for bookings made until June 21st, and we’re recommending it as a way to connect with any one who isn’t essential on set. Collaborators can literally keep tabs on production by keeping a tab open on their computer with continuous HD quality footage delivered in real-time.

Space to Spread Out
With crew sizes of 10 people max, our 12,000 sq. ft. facility allows everyone to have their own nook and cranny. 12,000 sq ft divided by 10 people. Do the math! Our two locations and production support spaces are here to enable social distancing. Located three blocks from our studio, The Hoboken House is our fully-furnished, sun-drenched 2000 sq. ft. Carriage House that can also be used for extra space if need be.

Virtual Sets, Infinite Possibilities
Cobalt’s Virtual Backlot is a unique resource on the East Coast— letting you set a scene anywhere you can imagine—without even leaving our studio. Our advisory team is always on hand to help you take advantage of high tech social distancing tools like V Set, Livestreaming, and Video Village.

We do “Safe Shoots”
At Cobalt, nonessential personnel are working from home, and we are disinfecting our spaces and equipment for everyone’s protection. Because high tech is our way of life, we also use Ozone Air Purification between shoot days to cleanse our facilities of viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Dr. Mercola and many others support ozone therapy during the COVID-19 crisis.

Read this link and see for yourself.

Let us help you.