LA Clients made the move to Woodstock.

The massive soundstage doors are open, and Cobalt Woodstock is up and running! Just the other week, we had some of our long-time LA clients in town for a shoot. They absolutely raved about the area, and about the Cobalt campus we’ve put together in the Hudson Valley 🙂

And they fell in love…

What’s not to love? The crisp air. The towering trees. The rolling hills, the rivers, the history, the vibrant arts community that’s been calling this place home for over half a century…

Our LA clients were wowed by the dining options in the area. Whether it’s organic, farm-to-table fresh at Silvia, French favs at Le Canard Enchaine, or classics from the Catskills at Butterfield, there’s something for everyone in your production, cast, or crew. We’re not joking when we say Woodstock is magic, and we know you’ll feel it too.

Speaking of food, what’s cookin’ at Cobalt?

We had our client’s Head Chef feel right at home in our fabulously well appointed kitchen. But it’s the Cobalt extras that make the difference. And let’s just say they were ready to leave a 5-star review of the Cobalt Experience!

What made this shoot so special?

Why did our clients come from LA to work with us?
Here’s a peek at what our clients took advantage of during their shoot:

Moco & custom rigging – We’ve got a huge inventory of robotics that turn, push, and slide anything from props, to cameras, even to practical sets. We’ve got portable rigs and 3 totally independent systems to operate our vast motion control inventory in order to service 3 disparate needs, simultaneously.

We’ve also got a little trick up our sleeves called the Berkey System. Think of it as an erector set for the rigging team. It allows us to create custom rigging on the fly to accommodate the unique demands of every shot. Our over-under rig is shaped like a horseshoe, and lets us whip cameras up-and-over subjects with ease.

We also have various mechanical sliders that move subjects and allow us to create absolutely precise movements, ensuring we get the perfect shot.

For our LA clients we needed cilantro to gently rain down into a bowl of guacamole. The only way to get the precision and pacing right was to send those delicate little leaves a-flutter from a purpose-built tiny conveyor belt. No problem!

Custom-built bakeup oven – Our custom oven is one of 2 in the whole world. The whole world! You have to see this thing in person. Imagine a fully functional oven with clear pyrex on 4 sides and the top, so you can experience the food doing its magical transformation.

An almost endless prop room – Nothing like having items at hand when you’re in a crunch! The big items take care of themselves, but it’s the little ones that often are the “sweeteners”…

Pyro – Who doesn’t love to play with fire? With our valved pyro control system, we’re able to animate flames, and control the nuances of pyrotechnics. So that while it looks dramatic… it also looks authentic.

That’s just scratching (scorching?) the surface of what we can do. It’s the sum of all the parts that defines Cobalt.

Want to learn about virtual production and how to use it?

Cobalt’s got you covered. As the first company to offer Virtual Sets on the East Coast, we have the experience to guide you. Let’s have some fun.


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